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Instead scandal - Regional! Our local products - there are many reasons.

Firstly, of course, the freshness, short transport routes and seasonal offers.
This is good for the taste and also for our environment.

The variety of flavors is maintained even through the grades in the auch durch Sorten die in der
industrial food production have no chance.

The personal contact with suppliers and knowledge of quality standards
guaranteed fresh, delicious and healthy food.

Here are a few examples of our restaurant:

The German Saddlepig from Naturlandhof Rahlf in Mehrow, our neighboring village.

Deutsches Sattelschwein im Landhaus Hönow The Saddlepig is an ancient breed of pig, which was especially at home in the north and east.
Its name comes from its special drawing, the "white saddle".
From the middle of the last century the Saddlepig lost economic importance, so it early 80s only
were a few of these animals is very rugged, fertile and very rustic breed.
Active breeders, it is thanks to them that the stock has since risen slightly.
Consequently appropriate care and feeding, and moderate growth of Saddlepig
developed a meat of the highest quality. By the characteristic aroma, combined with traditional processing culinary specialties created for the extraordinary taste, the farm shops, selected restaurants and markets are becoming increasingly popular. Quoted in
Regional, healthy and delicious - these are our potatoes:
the "Mehrower Knolle" from the farmer from a neighboring village.

Even the beer we make no compromises.
After some searching, we found a small private brewery in Brandenburg, which now brews the "Hönower Landbier.

Hönower Landbier When brewing engineer Mr. Mangold and his colleagues, we know ourselves and our beer in the right hands.
This is a bottom-fermented "Hönower Landbier" legally hop fitting and full-flavored beers. Since it was brewed with hard well water from Brandenburg, it has a golden color.
The wort is 12% and the alcohol content of 5% vol.

These are just a few examples. It continues with local game, Hönower grazing lamb from our lawn, asparagus from the orchard in Müller Wesendahl, Jerusalem artichoke farm in Fredersdorf ... and much more.





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